Bring SOALL flavors to your private parties, graduations, holiday events, office and corporate functions.

Spring roll Party

We provide the ingredients and the instructions. You and your guests can create springrolls to your own liking!

Soall Noodle Bar

Have a Soall Noodle Bar at your event. Imagine the endless possibilities of mixing different ingredients and flavors.

Catering Menu

Minimum order $200 | Minimum quantity to order a la carte: 12

DELIVERY FEE | in town $15 | within 15 miles $30 | within 30 miles $45

Soall Snacks

A la carte / trays (12 servings)

Pate Chaud

Savory, flakey, buttery pastry is filled with a beautifully spiced mixture with a gentle amount of heat. Choice of chicken, pork or vegetarian.
A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$3.50 / $35

mini springrolls

A party favorite, these healthy rice paper wrap with spring mix, noodles, cucumber, mint and choice of chicken, shrimp, tofu or just veggies and noodles.
A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$3 / $30

mango salad (8 oz)

This refreshing salad is made with fresh mango shreds, tomato, mint then toss in our popular house nuoc cham.

A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$3.50 / $35

brussel sprouts (8 oz)

These fried delights will impress your party guests.  dressed with lime and cilantro nuoc cham dressing.

A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$3.50 / $35

marinated beef skewer

Tender strips of beef marinated in lemongrass, garlic, honey and soy.  Always a 1st choice for our party hosts.

A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$4.50 /$50

lemongrass shrimp skewer

2 to a skewer, this light and healthy snack is marinated in our lemongrass sauce then grilled for a light + flavorful finish

A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$4 /$45
A la carte / trays (12 servings)

pork + prawn egg rolls

The easiest finger food to serve. these egg rolls are packed with flavors and are found at nearly all Vietnamese gatherings.

A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$3.75 / $40

vegan egg rolls

We love egg rolls so much we came up with a vegan version - a delightful filling of tofu, cabbage, carrot, taro, and glass noodles.

A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$3.75 /$40

sweet potato & shrimp fritter

A fan favorite, these fritters are a great finger food item. lightly battered with shreds of sweet potato and whole shrimp.

A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$4.75 / $52

steamed baos

Soft steamed buns filled with a flavorful combination of cucumber, spring mix, pickled vegetable. Choice of pork, shrimp or eggplant

A la carte / trays (12 servings)
$5 / $55


banh mi halves

Our banh mis, Vietnamese sandwiches, are a favorite for office lunches and group gatherings.  pillowy soft on the inside, the banh mis are layered with Vietnamese mayo, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeño, pickled veggies.  Choice of chicken, pork or eggplant.


mini bowls

Our mini bowls make for great pairings with other snacks and bites. Your options include bbq pork, chicken, shrimp or eggplant. Served with either noodles or rice with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, pickled veggies and nuoc cham. Choice of chicken, pork, shrimp, or eggplant.


mini soups

Bring some comfort to your event with our mini soup options.  Choose from our beef, chicken or veggie broth and add curry, spicy or tamarind flavors for a nice kick.


Semi sweets

A la carte / Dozen

sticky rice bars

This beautiful and vibrant green looking dessert will have you yearning for more as you get hints of sweet coconut, sticky velvety rice, toasted peanuts and coconut.

A la carte / Dozen
$2.50 /$27

sesame balls

Think delicious deep fried, sesame crusted rice ball, filled with a sweet mung bean paste with coconut flakes. With a combination of chewy, crunchy, earthy, sweet. Doughnut meets Bagel. Enjoy one for breakfast or pair it with our Vietnamese coffee. Vegan.

A la carte / Dozen
$2.50 /$27
A la carte / Dozen

mochi donuts

This BAKED mochi donut has the chewiness of mochi and the reminiscent crunchy profile of a donut on the outside. Topped with a generous ginger glaze which gives you a bright unexpected explosion in your mouth. Nothing like a healthier alternative to your classic donut.

A la carte / Dozen
$3.50 /$32

mini egg tarts

Buttery and flakey crust with egg custard in the middle.

A la carte / Dozen
$3 /$30


12 / 20 servings

Vietnamese iced coffee

Traditional brewed with our phin drip filter and served with condensed milk, our Vietnamese coffee will kick it up a notch with its strong, bold profile.

12 / 20 servings
$40 / $75

Sparkling Vietnamese Limeade

Always refreshing, our limeade is made with fresh lime and sparkling water.

12 / 20 servings
$40 / $75


Our drink offering includes poland springs water, spindrift, galvina organic sodas, etc.

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